Django Weekly 20 - Django REST Chapter, View ORM SQL Query, Top 10 Django Projects, Testing Views
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by Ankur Gupta

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Harry the Author of the book is looking for feedback on the Appendix. Having said that if you haven't used DSF this is a good introduction to DSF.

Discover how you can automate & optimize your projects using a DevOps toolchain architecture that enables a continuous delivery process.

Many developers either beginners or advanced ones, struggle to pick up a right framework to work with. Some like the simplicity of Flask that gives them a lot of freedom so they can choose what so ever they want to. That’s the problem right there, you have to choose, decide, maintain, glue and assemble tons of libraries to get your project working and keep doing this in as long as your application exists.

See a human-readable version of the raw SQL queries that your Django code is running.

Curator's Note - Not a big fan of Top N listing. The author has listed his criteria and the end of the article for selecting these projects. It's a good list of Django projects nevertheless, have a look.

I tried 3 different ways of testing a Django view. These are my thoughts.


The Django Software Foundation (DSF) is proud to announce the winner of the 2016 Malcolm Tredinnick Memorial Prize: Aisha Bello!.


DjangoHero - 28 Stars, 2 Fork
DjangoHero is the fastest way to set up a Django project on the cloud (using Heroku)

Chrome-Logger support for Django. ChromeLogger is a protocol which allows sending logging messages to the Browser. This module implements simple support for Django. It consists of two components LoggingMiddleware which is responsible for sending all log messages associated with the request to the browser. ChromeLoggerHandler a python logging handler which collects all messages.

django-chartjs-engine - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
An engine for creating chartjs javascript charts in django

Ankur has coded and deployed numerous Python software over the last 10 years, at three venture funded startup and a fortune 10 company. He currently heads Numerate Labs. Djangoweekly is his side project with Django being his go to web framework.

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