Django Weekly 24 - How to Evaluate Django Apps, Django ORM Mistakes and more
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by Ankur Gupta

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There are a lot of 3rd party django apps that people put out which makes our lives easier, but are they good?. There are a lot of ways to evaluate them, mostly it seems a lot of people use intuition. In this weeks video I go over several ways of how I go about vetting projects before use in my projects.
third party django apps

Platitudes are cheap. We've all heard organizations say they're committed to "diversity" and "tolerance" without ever getting specific, so here's our stance on it.

In this article i will describe how we set up Gitlab CI to run tests for Django project.

9 DBs to choose from, 5 min setup, auto-scaling, Cloud hosted. Free for 30 Days.

See if you can figure out what's wrong with the code snippets below! Ask yourself what the problem is, what effect will it have, and how can you fix it?. These examples are for Django, but probably apply to many other ORMs.

In this post, I’ll be talking about setting up a distributed task processing system for doing asynchronous processing. As your website grows and handles lot of traffic, there naturally comes a need to ensure best performance for your users. While there are multiple things which need to be done to achieve that, one of the most important things is processing things in background.

An opensource storefront platform for perfectionists. Written in python, best served as a bespoke, high-performance e-commerce solution

Free Book for designers who are looking to learn to building web applications.


For Django 1.10, Django rest framework, Settings via django-environ and more.

django-jchart - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
A Django App to plot charts using the excellent Chart.JS library.

django-channels-jsonrpc - 2 Stars, 1 Fork
Add JSON-RPC ability to channels.

Ankur has coded and deployed numerous Python software over the last 10 years, at three venture funded startup and a fortune 10 company. He currently heads Numerate Labs. Djangoweekly is his side project with Django being his go to web framework.

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