DjangoWeekly 36 - Latest Editon of Two Scoops of Django, logging, middleware and more
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by Ankur Gupta

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The latest Edition focuses on Two Scoops of Django is out. I have been buying since the very first edition which was based on 1.5. This book holds a special place in the Django community IMHO. This Edition is focused on Django 1.11 and Python 3, with an appendix for working with Python 2.7. Revised material on nearly every topic within the book. 20+ pages of new material on Django REST Framework, security, forms, models, and more. I look forward to doing a review of the book as soon as it launches in Dead Tree Format in my country ( India ) through Pothi like the previous edition.

Users finding bugs? Searching logs for errors? Find + fix broken code fast!

When you want to use Django models for data persistence in a standalone script.

I was trying to find a solution to implement centralised logging for the project I’m working on and I came across ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) stack among the most popular open source solutions. Despite being one of the most popular solutions, I couldn’t find a single go-to guide for full fledged integration with Django, Gunicorn and Celery. So this is how I did it. Hope it helps.

When setting up a new Django project, one of the first things you’ll do is wire up your URLconfs and set up some views. But what’s actually happening under the hood here? How does Django route traffic to the view, and what part do middlewares play in this cycle?

In this blog post I will give you simple example how to test your template tags in django using django testing tools. Let's get started!

Recently, I managed to solve this common problem in a general way that may be useful to others. Generally, it's a drop-in replacement for a FormView, that supports multiple forms on the same page (with just a minor change in template).

I have written a plugin called httpie-django-auth which automates django authentication.


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Time tracking and invoicing you can host anywhere. Full export support in multiple formats and easily extensible.

django-und - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
Django Up and Down - upvote and downvote for django models

djangobot - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
curl for django web framework. Make authenticated requests to a django server.

Ankur has coded and deployed numerous Python software over the last 10 years, at three venture funded startup and a fortune 10 company. He currently heads Numerate Labs. Djangoweekly is his side project with Django being his go to web framework.

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