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In this tutorial, we'll look at how to configure GitLab CI to continuously deploy a Django and Docker application to DigitalOcean.

Examples sites built with Django usually use primary keys as the URL identifier for a resource. While this is the simplest and cleanest approach to resource urls, it's not optimized for SEO.It's debatable on whether or not keywords in urls matter for Google, but it's obvious that most of the major players have adopted this technique. Below are five examples of popular sites that all use keywords in urls to improve their SEO.

As you have already know I love optional static typing. The thing is that sometimes it is not optional, but impossible. Because we have plenty of big untyped projects in Python’s ecosystem.Django and Django-Rest-Framework were two of them. Were. Because now they can be typed! Let me introduce TypedDjango organisation and stubs for django and drf.This is going to be a concise tutorial and getting started guide.

This DEP proposes to add support for asynchronous Python into Django, while retaining synchronous Python support as well in a backwards-compatible fashion.

OpenAPI 3 support in Django Rest Framework is still a work in progress. Things are moving quickly so there's not a lot of up to date info about this topic. It's not clear which features of OpenAPI 3 spec are supported in DRF and researching this info on your own means wasting a lot of time.

TL;DR This article is targeted at programmers who have very little or no experience with fakers and factories. If you are already skilled in the topic this article may not be that interesting to you.

We’re looking forward to the international gathering at DjangoCon 2019, in San Diego, CA. The six-day conference, from September 22 - 27, is focused on the Django web framework, and we’re proud to attend as sponsors for the tenth year! We’re also hosting the second annual Caktus Mini Golf event.

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