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Jessamyn Smith worked on a large django app with hundreds of migrations. Here she shares her experience of managing database migration files with do's and don't. Something to learn from for all Django Developers.

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All of our project are setup with continuous deployment on CircleCI. An occasional source of errors has been caused by missing model migrations because the migration wasn’t committed. There’s a simple solution by adding a migration check before deploying.

Think of this as cookbook style recipes.

The 3.5 release addresses schema generation, hypermedia support, API client libraries, and finally realtime support.

In this tutorial we will implement Facebook, Twitter and GitHub authentication using the python-social-auth library. I will guide you through the mandatory steps where in the end you will have a fully functional social authentication.

Michal shares his experience of How the Django build broke ?. Such that the app would run with DEBUG = True but wouldn't otherwise and wasn't throwing any stacktrace too. I am sure as Django developer we have all been there.

So, our company has start adopting Docker to our existed project. Most of our project are using Python with Django for the backend side and Angular for front-end side (some page that really complex), and sometime I think that Docker make it really hard for development. Note - Khemanorak Khath has raised point on difficulties of using docker as their development / staging platform. I encouraged him to put it up for reddit discussion.

Today I want to present a how-to guide for our Braintree integration, which is used in production since June 2015. I’ll add a simplified example to prevent confusion.

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serverless-wsgi - 18 Stars, 0 Fork
A Serverless v1.0 plugin to build your deploy Python WSGI applications using Serverless. Compatible WSGI application frameworks include Flask, Django and Pyramid - for a complete list, see:

vim-mule - 9 Stars, 1 Fork
Simple productivity plugin for django.

django-jsx - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
Django-JSX is a integration tool for Django projects using the excellent React UI library. It enables direct embedding of the JSX syntax into Django templates through a {% jsx %} template block. Your JSX will be extracted and compiled along with your other front-end assets and rendered into your page.