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In this post Haki Benita shows us how he extended Django admin to include two Button which perform action on a record/row. It's a well written step by step article to accomplish the task.

In accordance with our security release policy, the Django team released Django 1.10.3, Django 1.9.11, and 1.8.16. These releases addresses two security issues detailed below. We encourage all users of Django to upgrade as soon as possible.

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The internet is a wild land. Security must be priority one when deploying a web application on the internet. The Django framework does an amazing job providing reliable and secure APIs. But none of that matters if we don’t use them properly.

Recently I attended a workshop about web security. During these hours I learnt quite a lot but one thing got my attention- JWT. Based on that I decided to write a blog post series about how to use JSON Web Tokens in simple django application. Note - The first two part of the series are available at the end of the blog post.

Webhooks are a convenient way to notify external services when a certain event occur. GitHub provides an easy way to create Webhooks for the git repositories. You can pick the events such as push, pull requests, and only be notified when they occur. It can be used to integrate external applications with GitHub, perform Continuous Integration tasks or automate deployments. In this tutorial I will show you how to securely handle those notifications in a Django application.

A simple well written Django tutorial for newbies.

Leapfrog Bulletin Board is a kiosk web application powered by Raspberry Pi. This keep its employees updated with its ongoing activities related to projects, various events, individuals and technologies. They have used Django to power their web app. If you are looking to set up a common display in the office / have TV with HDMI, Raspberry Pi you can follow this guide and set it up. Here is the

Django Rest Framework 3.5 added some cool new features. A particularly powerful one will generate your API's documentation for you.

So, I am currently learning Python and I am pretty good at flask I would say, I mean I can do user authentication ec. Never touched django though since it seemed a lot harder. But everybody is saying that is So much more useful, is there anybody with experience of them both ?

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django-sql-explorer - 1113 Stars, 93 Fork
Easily share data across your company via SQL queries. From Grove Collab.

django-traffic - 8 Stars, 0 Fork
A Django middleware that helps visualize your app's traffic in Kibana. In a nutshell, by using this middleware you need no more effort to stream your app's traffic in your ElasticSearch host(s) and use Kibana for visualizations around it.