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Worthy Read

Django core contributor Andrew Godwin joins the show to tell us all about Python and Django. If you've ever wondered why people love Python, what Django's virtues are as a web framework, or how Django Channels measure up to Phoenix's Channels and Rails' Action Cable, this is the show for you. Also: Andrew's take on funding and sustaining open source efforts.

In this second follow-up post Patryk Zawadzki makes use of wrk benchmarking tool and shows us the performance of gunicorn, uwsgi, PyPy. Besides benchmarking there is good insights into do's and don't of each deployment option.

Quickly pinpoint what’s broken and why. Get the context and insights to defeat all application errors. Full-stack error monitoring for your Python apps. Note - Python docs .

Our main focus is direct support of Django's developers. This means organizing and funding development sprints so that Django's developers can meet in person and more.

Just started with a curated list of awesome django resources aptly named Awesome Django Admin . If you have seen Awesome Python, it's on the same lines. I will be adding more to the list in the next couple of days. Feel free to send a pull request if you have any additions.

Discussion on HackerNews. Well we already know why ? ;) . My first deployment in 2007 was because we need a CRUD interface for data residing in DB. Django inspectdb coupled with admin interface did the job. Admin Panel is definitely a top reason to use Django.

New Relic offers a performance management solution enabling developers to diagnose and fix application performance problems in real time. Move fast, with confidence. Learn more about Infrastructure at an upcoming webinar.

Today, Florian Apolloner, a member of the Django security team, discovered and fixed a critical security issue in the new PasswordResetConfirmView that was added to the Django master branch on July 16th, 2016. The view didn't validate the password reset token on POST requests and therefore allowed anyone to reset passwords for any user.

Della is a Django app for managing Secret Santa/Gift Exchange.

There are several ways to extend the the default Django User model. Perhaps one of the most common way (and also less intrusive) is to extend the User model using a one-to-one link. This strategy is also known as User Profile. One of the challenges of this particular strategy, if you are using Django Admin, is how to display the profile data in the User edit page. And that’s what this tutorial is about.


django-heroku-skeleton - 7 Stars, 0 Fork
A modern Django 1.10+ skeleton. Works perfectly with Heroku.

ujson_drf - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
JSON Renderer and Parser for Django Rest Framework using the ultra fast json (in C).