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Issue - 18

Worthy Read

How popular is Python? Based on our survey findings, 19% of Linux and 13% of macOS developers use Python as their primary server-side language. If you want to read more insights like these, contribute to the latest Developer Economics survey - you’ll receive analysed trends in your inbox! The survey is fun, while you’ll get the chance to win a prize, and learn something new !

14 videos dedicated to Class Based Views. Good video tutorial.

When an application is not meeting its performance requirements, the usual suspect is our own code. But how do I determine which parts of the code ?. Patryk Zawadzki wrote his third installment of Django fast series. Check to find them.

Written by caktus group, one of the top three Django consultancy firm. If you ever have to convince or sell Django for adoption within an organization. This is a good article to forward.

In this article I would like to share a workaround allowing you to quickly access the inlines of an inline model. The idea is that for every inline you can provide a HTML link leading to the separate form where you can edit the related model and its own relations. It's as simple as that.

In this first part of a series of posts, we will start our journey toward continuous deployment. We will cover some basic concepts but it’s important that you’re already aware of what Jenkins pipelines are and have had some experience working with django-based applications.

The Top 3% Of Developers: Googlers, Top 100 Rails contributors, and MIT engineers are among Toptal's elite network of only the top 3%. Let Toptal pick proven talent for your next project.

critique of class based views.

I'll present you a Django layout which allow to ship your project (not app) as a Python package. Your users will be able to install it with pip.

django-qa is a fork from Simple-Q-A-App-using-Python-Django aimed to create a pluggable package than allows to implement a StackOverflow-like forum site for your Django web project.

We are pleased to announce that the DjangoCon US 2017 conference will take place in Spokane, Washington from August 13-18, 2017.

Couple of months ago, I was trying to setup SQL database (hosted on Azure) with Django project. While this could be setup easily using Visual Studios 2015 on Windows, however it is not that straight-forward for setting up on Mac (Mavericks and El-Capitan). In this blog post, I am going to provide further details for settings up a local setup as well as for production deployment.


django-scaffolder - 9 Stars, 1 Fork
Generate a Django model, views, URLconf, and templates using a single command.

django-tsvector-field - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
django-tsvector-field is a drop-in replacement for Django's field that manages the database triggers to keep your search field updated automatically in the background.