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Issue - 19

Worthy Read

2016 concludes Tim Graham's second year working full-time to support the development of Django. Here are some highlights from his weekly summaries published on the django-developers mailing list.

One way to set ourselves up for success in object-oriented programming is through a concept called a mixin. Mixins take various forms depending on the language, but at the end of the day they encapsulate behavior that can be reused in other classes. There are certain places where heavy use of mixins can save a ton of time or cognitive load. A use case that came up recently was in a Django project where several class-based views needed to serve only traffic within our intranet.

How popular is Python? Based on our survey findings, 19% of Linux and 13% of macOS developers use Python as their primary server-side language. If you want to read more insights like these, contribute to the latest Developer Economics survey - you’ll receive analysed trends in your inbox! The survey is fun, while you’ll get the chance to win a prize, and learn something new !

In this tutorial we will automate Django deployment process with Fabric (v1.12.0) and Ansible (v2.1.3).

django-taggit a simpler approach to tagging with Django. Add "taggit" to your INSTALLED_APPS then just add a TaggableManager to your model and go. This post illustrates how the different customization options of django-taggit are represented in the database.

If you update a relatively old Django project from 1.9 to 1.10 or later and you have added your own custom management commands that take positional arguments, it's possible that those commands will abruptly stop working (well, stop accepting positional arguments). Also, although it is not explicitly documented, the *args parameter of your Command's handle() function is now often completely meaningless and you won't see anything passed in it (although when this happens is fairly obscure).

Isn't this the story of lot of companies and startup ?.

One of the things we love the most about DRF is its extensibility. It is quite simple to insert custom behavior at every layer of the framework. With this in mind, we started working on a way to integrate Pandas with Django REST Framework.


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DjangoHero automates the process of starting a new Django project on Heroku

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Tracking pixels made easy. For Python 2 and Django 1.7+