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Issue - 21

Worthy Read

I’d like to discuss my experience / mistakes that I made coding Django Software and how I fixed the mistakes.

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Frank Wiles, Daniele Procida, and James Bennett were re-elected for another term. Our new Board members are Kenneth Love, Ken W. Alger, and Rebecca Conley.

Django applications can be packaged individually for reuse. Documentation on how to do so from start to finish seemed either old, sparse, or incomplete. This was my adventure and solution.

To use sphinx with django, you have to make some configurations. After you have created your init docs/ (read: here) you have to add the following information to the file.

I will show the whats and whys on testing Django REST Framework serializers.

Avoid Failure by Developing a Toolchain That Enables DevOps.

Have you ever needed to quickly modify data or look it up. But while the task is simple the entire process of changing one value frustrates you ?

I started a new Twitter account — @djangoadmintips, with curated tips about using the Django admin. While it has its limits, there are tons of great ways to extend the Django admin and make the most out of it, which many people are not aware of.

At HashedIn, we commonly deploy Django based applications on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. While EB is a great, it does have some edge cases. Here is a list of things you should be aware of if you are deploying a Django application.


Django app that makes a graph dataset with your friends on twitter, on GDF format. This app saves information about you, all people you follow on Twitter and all people they follow. This data is used to make a social graph in which you can study relationships between your friends on Twitter.