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How to implement a case insensitive authentication using the built in Django User?

A blazing fast, drop-in replacement for Cassandra. Try it now for free.

django-templated-email is oriented towards sending templated emails. The library supports template inheritance, adding cc'd and bcc'd recipients, configurable template naming and location. Code snippets on using it nad testing using the mock library.

Django Conditional Expressions are added in Django 1.8. By using Conditional Expressions we can use "If...Elif...Else" expressions while querying the database. Conditional expressions executes series of conditions while querying the database, It checks the condition for every record of the table in database and returns the matching results. Conditional expressions can be nested and also can be combined.

We decided to write our backend in Django and our frontend in React. The combination is not unusual these days, but if you’ve ever tried it you’ve probably found there’s some friction between page composition with Django’s template system, and React’s component model.

How xMatters Uses Toolchains to Move Process Forward

Basic tutorial on DRF based api and testing it as we go along.

Step by Step guide on integrating facebook loging using django-allauth.


django-intercoolerjs - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Django wrapper for intercooler.js - AJAX With Attributes: There is no need to be complex.