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Article focused on Django ORM. Explains Q, select_related(), prefetch_related(), Cached Properties, extending models.Manager and Atomic Transactions.

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It is 2017, and GraphQL is changing the way that we write APIs. In particular, Graphene Django is an easy to use library for writing GraphQL APIs within Django. However, Graphene Django doesn't include a testing guide! But fear not, testing is easy, simple and clear.

Talking about handling multiple choices using a CharField from the Model class in Django. There are many ways to approach choices in a Django model. I’m going to cover a few approaches in this post and none of them will be the definitive answer. Note - Do look at the solution using `enum` which I believe was added in 3.4.

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This is by the folks at BeDjango. Git repo here - .

Quite a few people suggesting Django and Django admin.

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Microblog app used to share quick knowledge. This code powers Vinta's lessons learned running at

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Video storage and processing for Django

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Django template tag `fullurl` acts just like `url`, but it always prints absolute URLS with scheme and domain