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Issue - 30

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The 3.6 release adds two major new features to REST framework. Built-in interactive API documentation support. A new JavaScript client library.

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Making using of django's --verbosity command line argument.

I have been using Jinja2 previously in my projects created with Flask. Recently however I wanted to use Jinja2 with Django for its potential performance boost (10 to 20 times faster compared to Django templates according to this) and interoperability with Nunjucks.

As I talked to some people, few new about Django’s Generic Relation and Generic Foreign Key. And when I was studying it to apply on our system, I realised that the documentation can be kind of tricky and sparse. Nevertheless, Generic Relations helped us a lot, and so I decided to write about it in this blog post.

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django-classifier allows you to create models at start, and set the properties needed from the admin panel at any time.

We show you how to create a like button much like what you'd see on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and others. We are using the Django web framework along with the Django Rest Framework and jQuery. The key here in this series is how to setup Django's backend so your project can collect like data. We use jQuery as a easy-to-implement solution for working with Django but really, this method could be used with any client technology like Angular, React, Swift, Java, and more.


hexopress - 40 Stars, 1 Fork
A tiny blogging platform that lets you write posts in Google Docs and syncs with a Google Drive directory.

mccelections - 6 Stars, 0 Fork
Open-source Django application to ingest, store and output election results.