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This February, I visited Pune to speak at PyCon Pune 2017. My talk was basically a brief summary of my learning after having been working with Django in production for the past couple of years, as part of building the DoSelect stack.

Abstraction provided by ORMs is not perfect. There are pitfalls lurking for unwary developers, such as the N + 1 problem. In this article I'll be setting up a simple example app, consisting of nothing more than a few models, and then making use of the Django shell to perform various queries and examine the results.

Users finding bugs? Searching logs for errors? Find + fix broken code fast!

This blog post is to help you test your django mixins.

Redis is twice as fast as memcached as a Django cache backend when installed using AWS ElastiCache. Only tested for reads.


djangoql - 175 Stars, 7 Fork
Advanced search language for Django, with auto-completion. Supports logical operators, parenthesis, table joins, works with any Django models. Tested vs. Python 2.7, 3.5 and 3.6, Django 1.8 - 1.11. Auto-completion feature tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE9+.

django-cruds-adminlte - 87 Stars, 4 Fork
django-cruds is simple drop-in django app that creates CRUD for faster prototyping