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This post walks through the process of developing a CRUD-based RESTful API with Django and Django REST Framework, which is used for rapidly building RESTful APIs based on Django models.

Django has added support for Postgres's built-in full-text searching as of version 1.10. This is a great alternative to a heavier search system such as elasticsearch or SOLR, when we want decent search capabilities without having to setup and maintain another service. Postgres's full-text search is Good Enough for a lot of use cases. With this quick guide, I'll show how to add full-text searching to a Django application.

Users finding bugs? Searching logs for errors? Find + fix broken code fast!

I’m currently working on a side project, I started looking for articles on how to achieve stripe integration in Django and couldn’t find any that was good. I also didn’t want to use a pre-made library because I’m a Nerd like that. So in this post, I will be sharing with you my step by step guide on how to integrate stripe with your Django app to accept one off payments.

Well I had been with Django Girls for the last two years were I did find many inspirations to write about people with high values and who are driven with community building approach .So I decided to write about them now in series .

We decided to put a device to check if the toilet is free and how long is being used. Many of the members of our company had experience hacking Arduinos and other IoT stuff but we decided to move an step forward. Since we are a company who loves Python we always dreamed to experiment with Micropython and this was the excellent project.

9 DBs to choose from, 5 min setup, auto-scaling, Cloud hosted. Free for 30 Days.

I was profiling a Django 1.8 site when I noticed something peculiar. The function django.template.engine.get_template was called 50 times and took a cumulative time of 229 ms, almost half the page load time.

When we sign up on website its send a email for confirmation to active an account. Or confirmation email need to change password or change email of an account. Here i will show you how to send a confirmation email when someone register on your web app that deploy on Django.

When writing views, we have a choice: function- or class-based? Both have their advantages and disadvantages.


django-celery-monitor - 15 Stars, 0 Fork
This extension enables you to monitor Celery tasks and workers. It defines two models (django_celery_monitor.models.WorkerState and django_celery_monitor.models.TaskState) used to store worker and task states and you can query this database table like any other Django model. It provides a Camera class ( to be used with the Celery events command line tool to automatically populate the two models with the current state of the Celery workers and tasks.

django-rest-elasticsearch - 5 Stars, 2 Fork
Django REST Elasticsearch provides the easy way for integration Django REST Framework and Elasticsearch. The library uses Elasticsearch DSL library (elasticsearch-dsl-py) It is a high-level library to the official low-level client.

sauron - 3 Stars, 0 Fork
Sauron is a Django Channels app and Micropython IoT device to monitor toilet status. Article in worthy read section above.