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I can see four videos added to the channel at the time of curation.

We are less than two months away from DjangoCon US in Spokane, WA, and we are pleased to announce that our schedule is live! We received an amazing number of excellent proposals, and the reviewers and program team had a difficult job choosing the final talks. We think you will love them. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal or helped to review them.

Full-stack error monitoring and analytics for developers.

Django contains a database migration tool for managing schema and data changes, such as adding a new column to a table, and allowing you to perform (and track) these changes on your local, staging, and production databases. App Engine's Datastore is a schemaless database, which means that running schema migrations is a slightly bizarre idea, and in a lot of cases is unnecessary. But sometimes it's necessary to populate new columns with default values, or to move data around, and so for this reason we have built support for migrations on the Datastore into Djangae.

Simple Tutorial on DRF.

Simple yet helpful library for writing Django urls by an easy, short an intuitive way.

Even though I’ve deployed a few Django apps using Heroku, I’ve approached each new one with a fresh trepidation that feels like going to the dentist for the first time in a couple of years and dreading bad news. The goal of this post is to share some of my learnings that aren’t clearly represented in the official documentation to spare you the angst next time.

This blog post sums up lesson learned from upgrading an old django app to newer versions.

An open-source, responsive, Django-powered wedding website and invitation plus guest management system with 250+ commits, unit tests and more.


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Customizable cProfileMiddleware for Django