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Issue - 49

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After upgradation to Python 3 and Django 1.11, We got the significant reduction in CPU uses and memory uses. We got slight improvement in response time of the Application.

I’ll go through how to setup a React frontend and DRF backend project.

Embed docs directly on your website with a few lines of code. Test the API for free

The comments section has all the commands executed.

Inforgraphic is at the bottom of the article.

Made you click! This is just a quick tip for anyone doing full stack work with React and Python struggling with poor PyCharm performance.

If you’re really quiet and listen super hard, you might be able to hear the Django Girls team celebrating the latest milestone. This month the Django Girls Foundation helped support over 10,000 people learn to code with the Django Girls tutorial! Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the hard work and dedication of our 947 volunteers who organised the 441 events over the past three years!

I used ngrok and edited host.conf to get the job along with fake django ssl server. This article shows couple of other options too.

At Rover Engineering, we recently undertook a major project to upgrade our Django version from 1.8 up to 1.11. As a team, we’ve done our share of Django upgrades before. This time however, we were particularly ambitious in upgrading three versions plus dependencies back-to-back with a goal of little to no interruption to the other projects going on in the tech team.


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Chrome introduced headless mode in v59 opening the possibility of using Chrome as a fast and elegant way of generating PDF data programatically via HTML. django-hardcopy is an alternative to other projects which leverage wkhtmltopdf, a great tool but one that lacks the portability, ease of installation, the performance, and reliability of Chrome.