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Issue - 54

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Here at edX we use the red-black (or blue-green) deployment method. Ben Schmaus’ post on the Netflix Technology Blog details red-black deployments. The important detail about this deployment method is that, for some period of time, traffic is going to both the old code and new code. That detail is especially important when deploying database migrations that alter database columns and tables in a manner that is backwards-incompatible with the previous release.

So recently I have been working to migrate a Django MySQL to Postgresql. MySQL was set up to be a bit more lenient about data integrity, so I realized that a unique_together meta was being violated. I had to find all the data were it wasn't unique together so I could then figure out how to resolve this.

We love Django (#100DaysOfDjango) and Web APIs. Django REST framework combines the two. "Now is better than never." - let's jump right in and let's use this week's code challenge to build a simple API.

Embed docs directly on your website with a few lines of code.

In this part, I’ll show you how to start building an API using the Django REST Framework. Furthermore, this section will cover proper project setup as well as structure.

My key take from this was to create little functions to put suspect code in and run it through profile to see if those functions do indeed use that much time.

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This article shows how to quick-start with SPA applications development using Django and React/Redux.

This article is part of a series on security acronyms every Django developer should know. CSRF stands for Cross-Site request forgery and describes a certain kind of attack on a web application. Cross-Site request forgery is quite a mouthful, so I’m going to use the acronym CSRF for the rest of the article.


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