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This free reference guide will take you back to the basics. You’ll find visuals and definitions on key concepts and questions you need to answer about your teams to determine your readiness for continuous delivery. Download and share with your team.

Django 2.0 release notes. Note 2.0 is still under development.

In this part of the guide, I will cover the most valuable approach to achieve high performance - caching. The essence of caching is that you place the most commonly used data to fast storage in order to speed up the access to them. It's important to understand that the fast storage (i.e. memory) often has limited capacity. So we should use it only for that data which will be often used.

Blast from the past. An 8 year old question.

Uploading file to the server is one of the common task now a days. In this tutorial we will see how can we upload the file using django-restframework.

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When the project is data-centric, the need for beautiful visualization is undeniable. Kendo-ui is a specialized front end framework for this purpose. We can create interactive and tweak-able tables, graphs and charts with this. Today I’ll explain a few thing about most widely used kendo-ui component grid, and proper way of connecting with backend.

Curator's note - We covered months ago the possibility of new URL routing syntax making it way into Django. It's finally here.

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In this tutorial, we are going to dive deep into two fundamental concepts: URLs and Forms. In the process, we are going to explore many other concepts like creating reusable templates and installing third-party libraries. We are also going to write plenty of unit tests.

In this article, we will take a look at two of the most popular web frameworks in Python: Django and Flask.

Django Packages has been there for a long time. Curating it because I believe many of our subscribers have no clue about it. Was started by the Authors of Two Scoops of Django.

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django-ltree-demo - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
If you ever had the need to store hierarchical data (trees) with Django, you probably had to use a library like django-mptt or django-treebeard. Those libraries work fine at a small scale, but here at PeopleDoc we have encountered a lot of issues when using them at a bigger scale (tables with hundreds of thousands of rows and quite a lot of writings).

django-bootstrap-select - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
A Django wrapper for the Bootstrap Select library.