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Issue - 6

Worthy Read

With the gradual evolution of the web technologies, standing here in 2016, supporting http only is simply not enough. Today, we are using websockets for real time communications, WebRTC is getting popular for real time collaboration or video calling, HTTP/2 is also being adapted by many. In the current state of the web, any modern web framework needs to be able to support more and more protocols. This is where Django Channels come into play.

Usually, Django’s automatic schema detection works quite nicely, but occasionally you will have to write some custom migration that Django can’t properly generate, such as a functional index in PostgreSQL. The best way to run custom SQL in a migration is through the migration.RunSQL operation. RunSQL allows you to write code for migrating forwards and backwards—that is, applying migrations and unapplying them.

In this tutorial, we will explore some of the factors that bog down your application, and we will demonstrate how to implement caching with Redis to counteract their effects.

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Adrienne Domingus talks about how they introduced multiple databases ( read only ) and to speed up their slow queries. See her approach and decorators written to accomplish the task.

You should read this if you have just started with Django and planning to deploy it to Google App Engine, or if you are already running it there but deploying it manually from your IDE or command line.

Multifactor Authentication provides multifactor authentication integration for the Django Rest Framework. It integrates with Token Authentication built into DRF and OAuth2 provided by django-oauth-toolkit.


django-money - 324 Stars, 137 Fork
A little Django app that uses py-moneyed to add support for Money fields in your models and forms.

django-trackstats - 47 Stars, 6 Fork
So, the focus is purely on storing statistics for use within your application later on. Other features, such as charting, reports, OLAP, query builders, slicing & dicing, integration with Datadog and the likes are all beyond scope.

django-directmessages - 5 Stars, 0 Fork
Django-Directmessages is a low-level and easy-to-use Django App to manage simple directmessages. In contrast to other Django Apps for messaging, Django-Directmessages doesn't use any type of pre-built templates and is concentrated on the programmatic usage.