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This post chronicles a mobile app development team’s journey to continuous delivery, the challenges along the way, how they overcame them and their thoughts beyond continuous delivery. Check it out.

If a web request is stretching into seconds, 99% of the time the database isn’t being used correctly. When using the ORM, its natural to want to think in Python. This mindset can be disastrous for your applications performance. Its possible to see 20–100x speedups for requests by switching to subqueries and annotations.

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More than a year ago I wrote the post: Auto generating unique slug in Django. There we considered a model named Article, which had title and slug fields. We had overridden the save method of that model to automatically save the unique slug which had been generated by our written _get_unique_slug model method. But what will happen if we want to auto generate unique slug for tens or even hundreds of models? Do the same for each of the models?

Malcolm Tredinnick was an early member of Django's core team. He contributed a great deal of code to the Django Project, and a vast amount of his time helping and encouraging others.


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No webpack experience required. Promise.

It's been a little while since I've written a blog post about Channels - this is partially because I've been taking some time off for the conflux of conferences, work and light medical issues that have cropped up, but things have been slowly rattling away in the background and I'm now back working at a decent pace on the changes.

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