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GoCD is a continuous delivery tool supporting modern infrastructure with elastic on-demand agents and cloud deployments. With GoCD, you can easily model, orchestrate and visualize complex workflows from end to end. It’s open source, free to use and download.

In this article I will guide you through the steps I had to take to migrate Django projects from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Translating your web application to different languages and adding proper localization is something we all should do! This tutorial will give you a short introduction on how to get started with the Django localization process.

Keeping dependencies updated is crucial to the project's health. Newer package version close bugs, fix security issues and bring new feature sets from which applications can benefit. As code complexity and structure can vary, so does the time required to do this operation. An interesting fact is the age and how an application evolved. Chances are that the upgrade is much smoother to Django 2.0 if the project was built with the 1.11 release, as when it started with 1.8 and got upgraded to 1.11, i describe such a case with migrations bellow. Please note that I assume you are using Python 3.x. If not, this is certain the first think to consider upgrading, as the Python 2.x support was dropped.

Whether microservices is the way you should go about splitting your application is another question entirely. I believe you should go for microservices only when you find that you want to scale up only particular functionalities of your application AND you can clearly outline the boundaries and the dependencies of each part you would want to break your application into.

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Schedule Tasks in Django. This part focuses on explaining management commands.

Any web app must allow users to build a profile, you don't want this data clogging up your user model, so we split this off into its own model, to do so lets look at ways we could achieve this.

Recently, we’ve needed to update our user model in our django project to support additional properties. Having looked at this great post about extending the user model, it was clear that at this point we needed to simply create a Profile object with a one to one relationship on the User model. I duly followed the approach outlined, creating a signal that would automatically create a Profile object when a User was created.

I am currently the Vice-President of the Django Software Foundation, and have served as a member of the DSF Board for two years. This article is intended to help give a clearer picture of what's involved in being on the DSF Board, and might help some people decide whether they wish to stand for election.

Documentation and examples for the rules in Flake8 (pyflakes, pycodestyle, and mccabe).


Birmingham, United Kingdom
Jewellery Quarter Bullion are seeking an experienced Django Developer to bolster our growing development team as we continue to improve our systems and expand internationally.


The official repo for Two Scoops of Django 1.11 code samples migrated to Django 2.0.

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Quickly erase database and migrations.

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An online real-time collaborative IDE for teams to work together efficiently in a fast-paced project.