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Compare yourself to over 1,000 DevOps peers to see how they manage their processes.

Use this handy wizard to generate pip or pipenv formatted dependency links for adding private packages into your requirements.txt or Pipfiles of your projects.

As with any new release, it’s about new features and modernization; however, when upgrading to any new version there can be changes or deprecations that might introduce new errors into your codebase. This version is the first that will use a new versioning cadence and isn’t backward compatible. With that in mind, we’re going to highlight a few key changes to hopefully avoid error creep.

In this article, I pick a asynchronous programming concept from python which is launched in python 3.4. It provides infrastructure for writing single-threading concurrent code using coroutines and it is totally based on event loop.

How we significantly improved the performance of Django Admin date hierarchy A few weeks ago we encountered a major performance regression in one of our main admin pages. The page took more than 10 seconds to load (at best) and hit the query execution timeout at worst.

GoCD is a continuous delivery tool supporting modern infrastructure with elastic on-demand agents and cloud deployments. With GoCD, you can easily model, orchestrate and visualize complex workflows from end to end. It’s open source, free to use and download.

Unfortunately, development work on email is a bit of a chore. You have to either clog your inbox with test emails to test every little change or at best configure another awkward solution to open them in a browser. The restrictive HTML requirements are painful to work with, especially the need to use inline styles. I built some simple infrastructure to make email development workflow so much easier. I've built in Django, but the basic ideas should apply to any platform.

In this Django Tutorial I will describe how you can move a PHP based wordpress blog to a  Python 3 based Django blog via the Linux command line.

I love the engineering culture we have here at Squad, and rigorous code reviews are very much a part of it. Since I often found myself repeating the same mistakes again (and again, and again..), I went ahead and wrote a check list to help me.

In case you missed the news, DjangoCon Europe 2018 will take place in beautiful Heidelberg, Germany, from May 23-27, 2018! We've started selling early bird tickets, and opened the Call for Participation and Opportunity Grant applications. We are also looking for sponsors.

Inspired by this post by David Szotten, this project gives you a middleware that prints DB query counts in Django's runserver console output.

With companies moving to microservices, it's becoming common to have a system scattered across multiple repositories. It's frequent to abstract common patterns and code into private repositories that are then included in each service.

Article based on my talk about Full-Text Search in Django with PostgreSQL.

We were doing an operation on a list of objects, the whole loop wrapped in a database transaction (more detail on defining your own transactions and using it as a context manager here), and then calling a background task for each of them. Users were reporting that the action that was supposed to be performed in the background task wasn’t happening for all of the users in the loop?—?only some of them. To make this even more fun, I was able to replicate the issue fairly consistently on production, but not at all locally. Oh, concurrency

This will only scratch the surface of Celery, there are lots of options and configuration that can be done to make it more custom for your needs, etc.

This is the most reliable way to develop, ship & deploy applications as per my best knowledge of Django. Do share if there are any other better strategies or tools to achieve this common goal.

This is an initial thought and serves as a guideline for your Django application.

Curator's note - If you are looking to hire or join a django consultancy company. You want to ping the guys at ... I have personally learned a lot from their blog over the years.