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This article provides a beginner’s guide to django rest swagger 2 with function based views as well as class based views. It provides building the project from scratch.

You don't.

Authentication to access admin interface is based on users objects present in table django_auth_users of Django. CRUD operation on this table can only be performed by using python script “”. In this post, I will be walking through the steps involved in custom backend logic access for admin interface. This will allow the users to integrate the admin login interface to any other authentication method such as IAM.

Embed docs directly on your website with a few lines of code. Test the API for free.

This Django app provides a templatetag to render pagination widgets which include a range of pages around the current active one.

Six part series.

In short, you will always have one User model to handle authentication. Do not spread username and passwords across multiple models. Usually extending the default User model and adding boolean flags such as is_student and is_staff work for most cases. Permissions can be managed at a higher level using view decorators. If you need flexible permission management (no clear roles between the users or many specific roles), you will need to use Django’s permissions framework or a third-party library.


Python3-RESTfulAPI - 4 Stars, 0 Fork
Python3 ?Python3 + Django2.0 + Django REST FrameWork + Centos7 + uWsgi + Nginx?

chatire - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
Real time Chat application built with Vue, Django, RabbitMQ and uWSGI WebSockets.

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