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Docker and Kubernetes provide the platform for organizations to get software to market quickly. In this webinar, you will get a practical guide in designing a Docker based CD pipeline on Kubernetes with GoCD.

Django 2.1 beta 1 is now available. It represents the second stage in the 2.1 release cycle and is an opportunity for you to try out the changes coming in Django 2.1. Django 2.1 has a smorgasbord of new features which you can read about in the in-development 2.1 release notes.

After finding out that VSCode supports Django/Flask debugging out of the box I was eager to find a way to make it work with our local development setup. Fortunately VSCode also supports remote debugging using ptvsd, a Python debugger developed by Microsoft for the original Visual Studio.

We all at some point bump into this problem, and there are multiple approaches to solve it when using a relational database. In this article I will be explaining Adjacency list, Nested sets and Materialized paths. I will also dig deeper into what schema is used, what are the pros and cons, django-apps that can be used for the same etc.

It's a 9 part series by Daniel. All previous parts can be found at the end of the article.

Pwned Passwords is a simply massive database of passwords which have been compromised via data breaches. It’s incredibly useful as a tool for preventing users from choosing or reusing bad passwords. And pwned-passwords-django is a Django application which can talk to it, via its API.

There are many ways to use Vue and Django together and in this post we're going to go over a couple of them. Django and Vue are two of my favorite frameworks from two different worlds. Combining them is not a big challenge, but there are a few thing you need to think about.

When working with a large scale applications which includes many modules, we need to focus on the performance to give more user statisfaction, sustainability. To improve the performance, we need to analyze the application in various cases for ex: examine all urls with their response time and status codes, no of database queries with time, no of cache hits for a particural url. In that case, django-web-profiler will be very helpful for your application. It'll records the application urls with data such as response time, status code, database queries, time taken to execute those queries, no of cache hits.


pydjax - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
PyDjax is an easy to use application to include MathJax in your django projects without any hassel, and easy configure directly from django settings.

django-highlite - 0 Stars, 0 Fork
Simple, non-intrusive, syntax highlighting and keyboard shortcuts for Django templates in Sublime Text 3.