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Youtube Channel with uploaded videos.

If your Docker Python build requires system dependencies that are NOT required at runtime, structure your build as follows:

Code coverage is a simple tool for checking which lines of your application code are run by your test suite. 100% coverage is a laudable goal, as it means every line is run at least once. is the Python tool for measuring code coverage. Ned Batchelder has maintained it for an incredible 14 years! I like adding to my Django projects, like fellow Django Software Foundation member Sasha Romijn. Let’s look at how we can integrate it with a Django project, and how to get that golden 100% (even if it means ignoring some lines).

At Caktus, when Django first added support for a custom user model, we were still using South for migrations. Hard to believe! Nearly six years ago, I wrote a post about migrating to a custom user model that is, of course, largely obsolete now that Django has built-in support for database migrations. As such, I thought it would be helpful to put together a new post for anyone who needs to add a custom user model to their existing project on Django 2.0+.

This tutorial answers the question, "How do I integrate Vue.js with Django?".

Small changes that make all the differenceORMs offer great utility for developers but abstracting access to the database has its costs. Developers who are willing to poke around the database and change some defaults often find that great improvements can be made.

Do you want to get paid to contribute to Django, while learning more about the framework and language? Great: I’m looking for an intern to implement a new feature here on You’ll do the work, you’ll get paid, and I’ll be there to support you.

When I first started dabbling with Django and web-development, a good friend with a little more experience advised that I should keep logic away from my templates. “Templates should be dumb”.I didn’t really understand what that meant until I started suffering the consequences of having logic in my .html files. After 3 years with Django, I now try to keep business-logic away not only from templates, but also from views.In this post I’ll gradually go over from the least to the most recommended path and outline the advantages that each one offers.

Django integration for Hyper Editor.

The lack of funds is one of the biggest challenges for schools. Task-a-Thon© is a free service that empowers parents to engage with schools by creating tasks and providing $ rewards. School PTAs and PTOs can use the platform to fundraise all year round.

Thanks to Tobias Kunze for live blogging.