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Issue - 9

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With something as complex like a web application, it is hard to know where to start. A bottom-up technique to working with the data, starting from where the data lives to how it is displayed, gives a pragmatic approach to debugging performance problems. Datastore (missing indexes / data-model), Interface to the datastore (the ORM / inefficient queries), Displaying / using the data (Views / reports).

General Guidelines when upgrading Django.

Upload Files From Anywhere. The API for file uploads. Integrate Filestack in 2 lines of code. Python library for Filestack

The Django admin site for our website is really slow. I'm pretty sure that is because when we view the entries in a model, it loads every single one, which, for some tables, means 10s of thousands of entries. Any thoughts on good ways to fix this issue ?

Whether you're building up a CMS or a bespoke application, chances are that you will have to handle some states / statuses. Let's discuss your options in Django.

Have added the ability to search newsletter archive. So if you are looking to find an article and remember the tag, issue no, title head to and you can find it. Please let me know your feedback.

For my very first blog post, I chose to share my exploration of a library that I wanted to try for some time: Django Channels. I was also curious about how a React application can be plugged to a backend different from a REST API. Let’s see that with a real example: the Game of Life!

Results of the Django/Pycharm fundraising campaign raised a total of $50,000 USD for the Django Software Foundation. All money raised will go towards Django outreach and diversity programs: Django Girls workshops, the Django Fellowship program, sponsoring official Django conferences, and others. Additionally, a portion of money will be used to fund the support for type hints in a future release of Django, which is the next step of our partnership:

You probably have already seen Django’s ContentTypes and wondered how to use it or what is it for anyway. Basically it’s a built in app that keeps track of models from the installed apps of your Django application. And one of the use cases of the ContentTypes is to create generic relationships between models. That’s what this post is about.

A Serverless v1.0 plugin to build your deploy Python WSGI applications using Serverless. Compatible WSGI application frameworks include Flask, Django and Pyramids - for a complete list, see:

Most Django programmers use function-based views, but some use class-based views. Why? Special guest Buddy Lindsey will be joining us this week to talk about how class-based views are different.

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graphene-django - 75 Stars, 14 Fork
graphene is GraphQL in Python. graphene-django integrates it with Django

django-async-rest - 7 Stars, 1 Fork
A RESTful way of dealing with asynchronous tasks